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AIKO at Space Symposium 2023

AIKO as a part of ITA's booth at Space Symposium 2023!

Space Foundation's Space Symposium 2023 has ended, and as AIKO, we are incredibly happy about the possibility we had to be a part of this awesome event. As a part of ITA'S (Italian Trade Agency) booth, we are very proud to be a part of such a thriving reality.

Conferences like this are vital for staying up-to-date, exchanging innovative ideas, and understanding the complexities of the aerospace industry. At AIKO, we are committed to creating sustainable and innovative solutions that address market needs. We are grateful for the opportunity to have gained valuable insights and perspectives from around the world at this event in colorado springs.

The space symposium 2023 provided an excellent platform for engaging in insightful panels and discussions.

Let's continue to pave the way with infinite ways to autonomy!

  |  1.3.2023
  • ITA (Italian Trade Agency)
  • Space Foundation