Project Update

ATRIA: AI technologies for telecom missions

The project that will enable new ways of operating telecommunication missions and payloads is progressing through its milestones.

Current satellite services are still highly dependent on ground guidance, led by human operators. ATRIA H2020 project contributes to the enhancement of mission autonomy in the field of telecommunications, providing software solutions to arrange satellite transmission configurations and traffic analysis and management.

The main objective of ATRIA is the prototyping of a generic and intelligent software application to control communication payloads. The core model is based on Deep Learning algorithms and decision-making classical approaches, providing capabilities of reasoning and data analysis.

The consortium team covers the full space value-chain stakeholders including satellite and DTP manufacturers OHB SE, telecommunications operators Eutelsat, Skylogic - Eutelsat, ground segment providers embracing large and small industries GMV, AIKO and excellent research centres in the field CTTC, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

  |  3.2.2022
  • GMV
  • European Commission