Satellites constellation and communication

Reshaping data analysis workflow for satellites’ constellations

AIKO collaboration for OneWeb's second-generation satellite constellation

OneWeb has partnered with AIKO to provide its satellite constellation of machine learning-based telemetry analysis technology, which will support ground operations. OneWeb is a communication company that offers internet services via its global low-earth-orbit satellite network.

Thanks to funding from ESA's SUNRISE scheme, this new generation of satellites will be equipped with aikos cutting-edge software that allows real-time anomaly detection and telemetry prediction, and operators will have access to advanced decision-making capabilities.

"Fusing near-real-time and historical data analysis is crucial to continuously determine the health status of large constellations. Timely insights on the health status, possible anomalies, or even upcoming failures of the assets in orbit could prevent costly service disruption. Aiko's pioneering machine learning technology will reshape the entire data analysis workflow in the mission control centre. This first prototype, developed collaboratively with oneweb, will demonstrate the impact of future-ready operations for upcoming space missions." Alessandro benetton, AIKO CTO

  |  5.3.2023
  • ESA
  • OneWeb