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EarthNext: A Very Low Earth Orbit mission

AIKO has started a new project called EarthNext, providing Artificial Intelligence to a VLEO mission for Earth Observation.

We are excited to announce that since September, we have been working on Earthnext, Agenzia Spaziale Italiana's newest CubeSat for Earth Observation.
This project is part of ASI's Alcor program, and its goal is to design and develop a satellite platform with a new-generation EO Multispectral Payload, operating from Very-Low Earth Orbit.

But why VLEO? What's the benefit?
Even though it makes us face significant challenges in orbit control and satellite design, this approach gives the possibility to obtain high EO resolution yet use a small spacecraft.
The project is led by Officina Stellare S.p.A, and we are excited to collaborate on it, together with T4i Technology for Propulsion and Innovation, TSD-Space, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II and Planetek Italia!

Last week the first in-person meeting last week took place and we will keep you updated with more details on this ambitious step forward.

  |  5.10.2022
  • ASI
  • Officina Stellare