Tyvak International Joins AIKO PARTNER PROGRAM,revolutionizing Telemetry Analysis with gifted_GENE

Through the adoption of gifted_GENE, AIKO's advanced AI-powered platform for telemetry analysis, Tyvak International is affirming its dedication to a new era of managing and optimizing space operations.

AIKO, one of the European leader in AI-powered solutions for space missions, is thrilled to announce the addition of Tyvak International to the AIKO PARTNER PROGRAM. This alliance marks a significant step in the innovation of space missions. By embracing gifted_GENE, AIKO's AI-powered revolutionary platform for telemetry analysis, Tyvak International is demonstrating a strong commitment to leveraging advanced technology for predictive maintenance and real-time satellite analysis. The synergy between AIKO's innovative AI capabilities and Tyvak International's expertise in satellite technology promises to redefine the boundaries of space exploration, setting a new paradigm in the industry for efficiency, accuracy, and technological advancement. 


Artificial Intelligence is increasingly being recognised as a game-changing tool in the space industry, providing a range of benefits and capabilities that are reshaping space exploration and satellite operations.

In satellite operations, AI is paving the way for smarter and faster management of operations. AIKO has been at the forefront in Europe, demonstrating onboard satellites cutting-edge technologies that can successfully enhance autonomy in essential activities like battery management and payload optimisation (discover more HERE).

A crucial area where AI can be a game-changer is in data analysis. AI aids in identifying patterns in data from satellites and other space exploration tools, detecting anomalies that could indicate potential discoveries or risks. The predictive analytics and forecasting capabilities of AI offer more in-depth insights than traditional data analysis methods. 

The escalating importance of autonomy in space missions is underscored by the imminent challenges of the near future. As the volume and complexity of data gathered in space continue to surge, the demand for increased onboard resources becomes critical. This necessitates the optimal management of downlink and payload, a key factor in streamlining mission plans and maximising storage efficiency. In environments where a large satellite constellation can generate upwards of 55 billion daily data points, autonomy emerges as an indispensable tool. It is the linchpin in analyzing, managing, and extracting actionable insights from this vast data deluge, achieving mission objectives while concurrently saving time and reducing costs. Another compelling case for autonomy lies in the increasingly crowded lower Earth orbits. Here, the ability of satellites to autonomously maneuver is no longer a luxury but a necessity to prevent catastrophic collisions. These examples vividly illustrate how autonomy is becoming a pivotal element in the successful execution and safety of space missions.



Designed to meet these new challenges, gifted_GENE focuses on predictive maintenance and real-time analysis, significantly enhancing satellite anomaly prediction – up to four days in advance – and prevention capabilities. Its AI-powered core analyses thousands of data points from various sources in seconds, providing a unique and simple solution to monitor satellites' health.

This partnership highlights the seamless integration and customisation possibilities offered by AIKO’s innovative solution, designed as an open platform and fully customisable from its infrastructure to its Machine Learning models. Tyvak International will deploy gifted_GENE to monitor its fleet, aiding operators in satellite health monitoring and reducing their daily effort in analysis tasks.



The AIKO PARTNER PROGRAM is crafted to enable Space Operators to seamlessly introduce new technologies and test AI capabilities. The goal of the Program is not just to enhance capabilities in users’ infrastructure, but also to offer knowledge and bespoke solutions for a technology still in its nascent stages.

“We believe AI is not just a technology to embed but a new philosophy, a fresh approach – says Lorenzo Feruglio, CEO and founder of AIKO – our view of Space Missions cannot be the same as it was in the last decade. Human effort alone is insufficient to tackle the new challenges Space Operators face today and in the future. As the Space Economy expands, so do the data, debris, and operations we must manage. The AIKO PARTNER PROGRAM was conceived with this in mind: to enable the adoption of this approach while testing the real impact of AI. Tyvak International's engagement in the AIKO PARTNER PROGRAM underscores the emerging trend of space companies integrating AI into their infrastructure. This collaboration not only demonstrates the potential of AI in space technology but also paves the way for more efficient and resource-conserving operations, both on the ground and in orbit.”

“Telemetry analysis is one of the key points of our business, which is why we are always looking for innovative tools that help the team in the daily management of this task. gifted_GENE has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about this type of analysis. Not only for the real-time support that halves the team's analysis time, but especially for the predictive analysis that will allow us to save a significant amount of resources. We are happy to be part of the AIKO PARTNER PROGRAM, a truly agile and innovative approach that helps us transition to new technologies.” says Fabio Nichele, CEO of Tyvak International.

  |  1.2.2024
  • Tyvak International