AI-eXpress is an activity funded by ESA in the InCubed program that aims to develop a framework implementing a Satellite-as-a-Service concept. It is composed of an orbiting High-Performance Computer, a software framework including autonomy functions and AI inference acceleration libraries, and an App-Store with ready-to-use functions and applications to be loaded and used on-demand by users. The project is led by Planetek and the consortium is composed also of AIKO and D-Orbit.


AI-eXpress provides a set of deeply configurable services that ensure it stands out from market competitors. These configurable services allow users to choose from pay-per-use to full missions as-a-service, evaluate new approaches to space missions, and validate novel concepts in the real environment. Flexibility and customization also allow for in-orbit test iteration and the fine-tuning of applications. AIKO’s technologies contribute to these goals by enabling AI-Express’s autonomy and providing AI-based ready-to-use applications that users can include directly from the store.


AIKO’s contribution enhance the overall framework capabilities by adding autonomy in operations to both system and user level, increasing overall efficiency, and adding value to AI-eXpress features and capabilities. Thanks to AIKO's AI-based application, moreover, a ready-to-use set of functionalities is provided, to let users maximize the quality of data and extracted information and thus the overall value of the mission.

  |  3.8.2020