ATRIA is an H2020-funded project aiming to prototype a generic and intelligent tool to handle both traditional telecommunication payloads and their digitalized counterparts. AI/ML algorithms will provide the tool with sufficient intelligence to autonomously decide the optimal configuration of the available satellite resources for the on-demand service requests. The project involves many companies in different sectors, such as satellite and DTP manufacturers –OHB–, ground segment providers embracing large and small industries –GMV, AIKO– and excellent research centers in the field –CTTC, FHG.


Different use cases are envisioned and tackled in the project: prediction of traffic and potential congestions on the satellite beams, prediction of signal attenuation due to rain on the gateways, anomaly detection on various telemetry streams, and flexible allocation of the satellite's resources. All algorithm outputs are provided to the ground operators, who are thus capable of take accurate decisions in managing real-time the service.


ATRIA is demonstrating the value of including AI algorithms in the ground control process: predictions of resource availability can fasten response to congestions and avoid shortages and bottlenecks. Anomaly detection can alert operators of possible issues on board in time, and resource allocation provides a useful benchmark to select the best options for handling such complex systems. Decisions currently based on threshold logic and direct observations can become automatized and more efficient, paving the way to autonomous management of satellites and payloads.

  |  5.3.2021