Our Technology

Artificial Intelligence at the core of a product and services ecosystem for the automation of space missions and operations.


Autonomous Operations Future-ready space missions.

Our technological value proposition is about relieving humans of the burden of repetitive tasks that intelligent machines can perform better in less time.

By means of highly automated processes, human operators and decision-makers can focus on creative tasks characterized by higher added value for the specific industrial context.

Automation is a key enabler in the 4.0 industrial digital revolution for the optimal management of complex technologies, such as space assets.

An Ecosystem of Products Impact throughout the value chain.

Space missions are complex because many different stakeholders manage an aggregation of concurring systems. There’s no way to provide a single solution to rule them all and empower this system of systems' automation level.

We are deploying an ecosystem of products and services built on native integrations, allowing a tailored approach that makes the product integration more organic and allows each application to enhance each other.

Proprietary APIs libraries and a dedicated UX system design will complement the overall ecosystem design oriented towards seamless process and operation integration.

Systems, not models Deploy full products and services.

A valuable and usable AI-based application contains more than just a learning model or a complex algorithm. Such a core technology needs multiple additional services to bring lasting value to customers.

Some examples of what we provide in addition are: pre and post-processing tools, human-understandable data visualisation services, configuration elements and so on. Furthermore, we add proprietary pipelines for DevOps and MLOps to guarantee up-to-date and continuous quality.

With this holistic approach, customers and users can rely on multiple services to support them with their operational activities and daily tasks.

Innovative Technology AI optimized for production.

We stay up-to-date and go beyond it, as we constantly research on the edge of technological advances in AI.

At the core of each product inside the ecosystem, it's adopted a hybrid approach that combines Machine Learning, and Symbolic AI.

By continuously improving core models and algorithms deployed in the whole software product system we ensure a strategic advantage concerning our competitors, providing an increased added value for our customers.

On your hardware Our software runs on every hardware.

We are software developers and know the complexity of integrating software on already established legacy infrastructure.

That’s why we take care of the burden of integration, and optimize our AI models and algorithms for multiple industry standard with minimum lead time.

On top of that, we adopt a microservices design approach that ensures our applications' modularity, scalability, and reduces the latency between subsequent release cycles